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University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science virtual gallery space showcasing 11 research projects, involving interdisciplinary collaborations with 8 different scientific laboratories.

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Rebrand for PMR. PMR Records is an independent label. Working with Untold Studios to make sure PMR's brand identity was reflective of the bold and brilliant record label that it is.


Branding for Korean Film Nights Festival 2022.


An open call 3d exhibition space designed by Mantis Studio featuring 43 artists work from all around the world.

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Mantis Studio rebrand for PUSH is a creative studio that works with some of the world’s most iconic brands and media platforms, from Red Bull and Beats by Dre to NOWNESS and 88Rising. Creating videos and branded content with a focus on street and youth culture.


Mantis Studio has various archival music / print / branding projects to explore.

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